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As a Nets fan anticipating their inaugural season in Brooklyn, it's easy to get excited about the potential of years to come. As a means to pass a minute or two of the wait, here's a fan-made design created for one of the less important of the Nets' upcoming changes: their jerseys.

New Brooklyn Nets Logo

Official Team Logo

Here is a look at the new, official logo of the Brooklyn Nets, reportedly designed by Timothy P. Morris with input from Nets part owner Jay-Z.

Click here for a press release including secondary marks and more information about the construction.

Brooklyn Nets Home Jersey Concept

Home Jersey

This jersey concept's primary focus is a banner spanning the top of the chest and shoulders. The idea is loosely inspired by the thick side stripe of New Jersey Nets' uniforms used across the 1977-1990 seasons. Its shape draws from the towering pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge and reinforces some of the new logo's contours.

Brooklyn Nets Home Shorts Concept

Home Shorts

Much like with the jersey, the concept behind the shorts is bold simplicity. The contrasting waistband pays homage to classic styling of basketball teams in the '60s and '70s, like the ABA's New Jersey Americans.

Brooklyn Nets Away Jersey Concept

Away Jersey

Matching the home jersey in concept, the stark banner here strongly distinguishes this uniform from that of the San Antonio Spurs, despite the teams' common colors. Crowning the top of the back is the Nets' new secondary logo.

Brooklyn Nets Away Shorts Concept

Away Shorts

As with the home shorts, the away option keeps things simple and clean, with only a thin stripe running along the side and an alternate logo on the right leg.

Brooklyn Nets Uniform Mock-up

Uniform Mock-up

Here's a look at the home uniform optimistically showcased on Nets All-Star point guard Deron Williams.

Source photo by Scott Council originally published in Slam 124.

A special thanks goes out to Ian Bakar, whose own custom NBA designs introduced me to the hobby of fan-driven concepts.

Thank you for having a look, I hope you've gotten a kick out of the jerseys.

** This project is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets, or Deron Williams.

Bunny Dojo Design, Graphic Designer Tim Gengler
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